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CTSI combines the experience of 20 years in the carwash industry. We strive to offer reliable and innovative technology through strong relationships with our manufacturers and customers. Site planning, equipment advice, servicing and water recycling are just a few of our specialities.

CTSI has exclusive access to the latest carwash technology from both the United States and Europe. This allows us to provide the carwash operator with the most suitable equipment and best brand choice in Australia.
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Industry overview

In the past decade the industry has evolved into a professional and water-wise business. Strong relationships with local water authorities have been forged through the Australian Carwash Association (ACWA) and local operators to see that an industry standard is being met by all its members.

The increasing importance of water conservation has given the industry a real direction to achieve a sustainable business model based on water use, even when the highest level of restrictions are in place.

Basic facts:
  • Washing a standard vehicle at home with a hose and bucket uses approximately 250 litres of water with no reuse possible.
  • Washing a vehicle in a self service bay at a carwash uses 60 to 80 litres of water – a saving of around 200 litres!
  • An automatic carwash uses up to 300 litres of water per carwash (touch free) but is able to reuse 100% of the waste water that enters the catchment pit.
  • All water that is discharged from a carwash to sewer is pre-treated for oily waste before discharge. Washing your car at home transfers these wastes into our environment.
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